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I have had this stunning top & skirt set from Paulina Katarina since spring and have had these photos sitting on my hard drive for awhile now. I'm not sure where the time has gone and I am now in Auckland, New Zealand for the next five weeks to do my teaching placement before I go back to classes in the March. I am currently missing the hot weather in Australia and moments like these where I can wear outfits such as this one. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Kristal xox

DIY HOME: Upcycled Chevron Lamp

For this project you can use any fabric and lamp of your choosing. I chose chevron as I have been wanting to add a splash of chevron into my room for quite some time.

- cotton fabric
- sewing scissors
- fabric glue
- pegs
- a lamp (you can pick these up from most op shops for only a few dollars)
- black spray paint (optional)

HOW TO: 1. Remove the base of your lamp and if you want to update the base with a colour use a spray paint. I chose gloss black spray paint for my lamp base. Remember to spray your lamp base in an open and well ventilated area, ensuring you have covered the ground with an old sheet or newspaper to avoid getting paint everywhere. 2. To do the head of the lamp you will need the cotton fabric, sewing scissors, fabric glue and pegs. 3. Cut the fabric to the width and height of the lamp head allowing an extra 1 - 2 inches for the edges. This is for when you have to apply the fabric to the lamp head later on. 4. Make sure you iron the fabric inside out to remove any creases or folds in the fabric. 5. Begin pegging the fabric to the lamp starting from the back in seam of the lamp (back of the lamp head) as this is where the fabric will be seamed together later on. 6. After you have securely wrapped the fabric around the lamp head using the pegs and are happy with how the fabric is sitting. Begin removing sections of the pegs and apply the fabric glue. Place the pegs back into position to secure the fabric to the glue for drying. Do this for top and bottom of the fabric on the lamp head. 

7. When you reach the back of the lamp fold the end of the fabric and glue it over the beginning of the fabric on the lamp head. Secure the fabric with pegs and apply more fabric glue if needed.

8. Once your lamp base and lamp head have dried, put them back together and you now have a new lamp for your home.

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